Holiday Reads

Holiday Reads

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where Does the Time Go?

   It’s hard to believe my little 1NightStand story, Wise Men Say, is two years old. I say that, because there’ve been so many changes in my life since its publication – good, bad and otherwise.

   But I still smile when I think about how this holiday story was born. I’m not sure if it was fate, coincidence, or cheesy pun – but for some reason ‘Elvis’ references presented themselves and I put them to work, after all, the Hotel Castillo IS in Las Vegas! (Really - I’m not an Elvis fan)

   Thankfully, one of The King’s songs went well with the holiday-esque story. The story was originally titled 'Never Brought To Mind,' but in her way, my writer-bestie, fellow-1NightStander and beta reader, Deanna Wadsworth, mentioned the reference was a bit vague (the line is from the New Year's song, "Auld Lang Syne"). So since the story takes place during Christmas/New Year's, you can take the title as The Wise Men, The Magi who followed the Star of Bethlehem, or a portion of the chorus from the Elvis song.

Songs always seem to come to mind when thinking of what my characters are going through. 

   Emmy, the main female character has bee alone, waiting for someone a long time. Still she believes her situation will have a happy ending - so Richard Marx.

   The male in the story has a much more serious situation – he’s been separated from the people he loves and his home for a long time. Thank you, Michael Buble.

  Here’s hoping your loved ones are near to you this Christmas, enjoy their presence in every way, regardless of how hectic the holiday season is.

   Merry Christmas.

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and three fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Whimsy at the Ofice

By Starla Kaye

The holidays are very special to me, especially Christmas. My holiday time (like most of you) includes, getting together with friends, the seemingly endless number of parties to attend, finding just the right gifts to give, and decorating. Sometimes there is stress involved and sometimes I have a moment or two of “When will this all end?” Anyone else ever feel that way?
I have an office in my husband’s accounting firm and I am always the office that staff and clients drift to see throughout the year. As you can guess, the other offices are…well, pretty conservative. Not mine, ever. I like to surround myself with fun stuff, like my collection of Western decorative items and stuffed cows. The cows represent the Blossom the cow stories I write for fun, and plan to turn into a children’s book series.
The firm has an annual office open house and they decorate, again fairly conservatively. Until they see my office with my whimsical cow tree. Then I bring in and share with everyone some of my Santa collection, my moose collection, and my snowman collection. The party attendees love seeing it all and that warms my heart.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Coming Soon: 
For Ruby’s Love

I have been drawn to cowboys since I watched my first Western movie years ago, and I have known a few over the years. As a writer, I have long enjoyed writing Western romance with my versions of the hunky, rough-edged, stubborn man in faded blue jeans, chambray shirt, scuffed boots, and a Stetson. And I have great fun matching my cowboy up with someone who will challenge him.
My cowboy in this story, Calhoun, first appeared in The CEO and the Cowboy, where after a surprising turn of events for him, he ended up finding a Happily-For-Now with Daniel (the CEO).
But in the back of my mind their story wasn’t ready to end there. They needed someone who would come into their lives, shake it up, and weave her way into their world…someone neither could resist, Ruby.

Where to find Starla Kaye Online:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meet Sam Malone – One Smart, Sexy, and Determined Cowboy

By V.S. Morgan

I’m very excited to be here today talking about my new release, Sam’s Temptation.  You may noticed the cover has one hot male with a lovely lady instead of another hot guy. Some of you may be surprised to know I also write m/f romances. My hubby and son sure were!
When I wrote The Gift, I not only created character profiles for Wyatt and Rafael, I made one for each of Wyatt’s brothers.  I needed them to be real in my head since family was so important to Wyatt. While The Gift obviously focused on my two heroes, the other Malone brothers were “speaking” to me.
The next brother who was ready for a story was Sam. He’s the second oldest brother, so he also felt responsible for his younger brothers when their parents died in a tragic airplane crash. While Wyatt wrangled their siblings on the home front, Sam completed two degrees in college so he could manage the ranch’s finances and keep it afloat. It was his idea to expand their Montana cattle ranch, Blackbird, to accommodate paying guests.  This strategy saved it from going under.
All the Malone men are handsome – tall, blond and with steel-blue eyes. Sam is the quiet brother. Originally an engineering student, this hunky cowboy is intelligent and a bit of a nerd.  As I turned to considering Sam’s love interest, he insisted he was straight. We had a whole discussion about it – yes, we writers are a strange breed. So I finally said, “Fine, Sam. But who should be your lady?”
And then it came to me. Not only could I share more of the Malone brothers but I could also bring in some of Rafael’s family, as well.  Sam meets Rafael’s cousin, Gabriela, in New York, sparking an attraction that continues to burn despite time and distance.
However when Gabriela comes to Blackbird on a working vacation, Rafael tells the Malone brothers “hands off.” 
Gabi is very smart, passionate, and owns her inner nerd, pushing all of Sam’s buttons. Sam battles with his desires for the deliciously sexy chef and honoring his new brother-in-law’s wishes.
Sam’s Temptation is mostly set at Blackbird, with Wyatt, Rafael, and most of the Malone brothers serving as key secondary characters.  I greatly enjoyed writing this multicultural foodie Western romance and look forward to hearing what readers think of Sam and Gabi’s story.

Buy Links:  Amazon || Kobo || ARe || Decadent Publishing || iTunes || B&N

Find V.S. Morgan:  Website || Facebook || Twitter: @vsmorgan1

Monday, December 15, 2014

An (Erotic) Romance Author’s Holiday Wish List

By Nancy Fraser
One of the many things I love about the holiday season are the beautiful Christmas carols. Not just the heartfelt, slow ballads … although those are wonderful. Especially when done by an amazing vocalist.

I also like the cheesy ones like "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." Every year I watch diligently as someone will invariably post a new version of an old classic to You Tube and, just as excited as one of my grandchildren opening up a new toy, I’ll be glued to the computer screen enjoying this new rendition.

One of my “new favorites” this year is the wonderfully comical take on the 12 Days of Christmas, complete with hilarious slapstick.

In honor of the holiday season, and taking into consideration those things important to most authors, I thought I’d put together my own version of a 12-Day’s Wish List.

12  5-« reviews
11  New “likes” on Facebook
10  Busy book signings
9  New Twitter “follows”
8  Finished chapters
7  More to edit
6  Extra hours a day
5  Great new plots
4  Signed contracts
3  Sexy lovers
2  Less rounds of edits
And, a New York Times best-selling book!

Whether you enjoy the carols, the presents, the food, or just the closeness of your friends and family, please have a safe and happy holiday. May you be blessed with peace, love and as much chocolate as you can eat!